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Decana del Comizio

Noble taste

From the Loire, the land of castles and medieval legends, to Emilia Romagna, the Pera Decana is among the most delicate and sweet fruits you can find, guardian of an age-old knowledge that is still repeated today to preserve its inimitable taste.


Summer taste!

Native to Forlì, Carmen Pear is appreciated for its juicy taste with a pleasant acidity. Its thirst-quenching character and its excellent nutritional values make it a perfect fruit for summer.


Imperial taste!

The firm, crunchy flesh and traditional sugary flavor make the Kaiser pear a kitchen classic, thanks to its ease of pairing and cooking. The classic brown color of the skin becomes more pronounced as it matures.

Abate Fetel

The classic for those who know what to choose

The sweet and aromatic taste, combined with the crispness of the pulp which, as it matures, becomes softer and melting, have made the Abate Fetel pear from Emilia Romagna the most appreciated and widespread in Italy and around the world. A true symbol of Italian fruit and vegetables, of which it is the absolute leading producer in the world.


First prize pear

The Conference pear has settled in Emilia Romagna finding the perfect climate that makes it among the tastiest autumn fruits, characterized by a green skin, rough to the touch, but melting to the taste, for an exciting cooking!

Santa Maria

Origin and taste "emiliano romagnolo"

Founded in 1951, it has found in the countryside of Emilia Romagna the perfect environment to to develop. Its fresh and pleasant taste is maintained throughout the entire period while the firm firm pulp, when fully ripe, becomes melting.


A certainty for the palate

The first traces of the William Pear in Emilia Romagna date back to the 1700’s, period in which its production began and an immediate appreciation that lasts even today because of its juicy and aromatic pulp and for its excellent nutritional characteristics.

Max Red Bartlett

Tasty & Delicate

Aromatic taste, melting flesh, bright red color, what more could you ask for? These characteristics make the Max Red Bartlett, even for its small size, a concentrate of flavor and sweetness full of nutritional and anti-cholesterol qualities.


Beneficiario: Consorzio di Tutela Pera dell’Emilia Romagna IGP
Autorità di gestione: Direzione generale Agricoltura, caccia e pesca Regione Emilia-Romagna

“Il Consorzio di Tutela della Pera dell’Emilia Romagna IGP è beneficiario di un contributo FEASR per un progetto approvato in ambito PSR Emilia-Romagna 2014-2020 – Tipo di operazione 3.2.01 ‘Attività di promozione e informazione da gruppi di produttori sui mercati interni’, per un importo di spesa ammessa pari ad € 299.934,60. Per maggiori informazioni su FEASR CLICCARE QUI

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